Monday, January 23, 2012

Another Year, Another Arson

Image courtesy of KFOX TV

Seriously. What could've possibly burned this time? The rubble?

Ladies, gentlemen, loosely used versions of those formalities- There's (now) nothing left. Why set fire to rubble?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow.. I have never seen this park before in my life.... Amazing. They should invest to bring it back. Westernplayland is getting old.... Plus that's what el paso needs. A good amusement park... If I had $ I would defenatly invest in it! It's part of el paso history.

1/26/2012 12:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just heard kfox say that it will be completely demolished within 2 weeks, how we won't even be able to see any of it while driving by

2/02/2012 9:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this blog about ML. I wasn't born yet but did find out about it after I graduated high school. I remember going I believe it was last year to look around and it looked extremely destroyed based on the pictures posted from previous years. I read a comment of someone that said a little boy had died at ML and it actually reminded me of the time I went because my sister (a complete non believer of ghosts) would keep saying a little boy kept following us in the tour that we took that day. Amazing how everything is still there. I was able to see stuffed bears, the old fashioned telephones and the fountain drink machines! El Paso definitely needs something like this, specially now I believe we'd be more than ready to take on the challenge.

2/13/2012 8:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The people that burned it down were those dumb-ass kids in the high schools. If you look at youtube you usually find some moron filming about how they are going to magic landing and such. What a wonderful generation these are...with their heads up their ass!!!

2/13/2012 4:18 PM  
Anonymous Magic Landing Fan said...

Amazingly sad that there was never any leadership by the city to do something to make El Paso a more distinguished destination in having a decent theme park for families and visitors to enjoy.

2/13/2012 6:16 PM  
Anonymous Segar said...

Its 05/10/12
My name is Segar and I live in
El Paso for about 31 years and counting.

After getting a chance to drive towards the socrro district. I took advantage to take look at Magic landing. Only to see what I thought I'd never see in
my life. Its gone, Everything. From The ticket booths, to all that was left of the buildings.
Dipp finnaly took it all down. It left me with such a sad feeling.
But for some Reason I could see the memories that haunted the place just shoot me as I see 3 construction workers smoothing out the land.

All that you can reconize is the Parking lot that says "welcome, come on in. The ticket booths are this way. *warm smile*" The trees that are there in
the past remain untouched leaving markings of what was there. So now, all the pictures that people have with in their hearts and physcally
are worth more than gold itself to those who long to remember the place.

Shortly after that, I went over to The El paso Connection, where the Old girl steam train stands. Sleeping soundly, The only other remaining thing
that is left of magic landing. I've managed, to find the Now owners of the #1 Train. And managed to get some Real good shots of her.

So if you want to see them, Post a
comment that you want to see it. and I'll see about trying to post them up.

RIP ML I'll sure as hell miss you.

5/10/2012 7:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

R.I.P Magic Landing. You may have been demolished but you will never be forgotten.

7/08/2012 12:31 AM  
Anonymous Eddie said...

They finally leveled/demolished everything. The only thing that is standing is the steel/metal building and a few pine trees.

8/04/2012 5:12 PM  

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